Use Your Words: Writing for Non-Writers

Armed with the right tools and principles, anyone can write for websites and products. Here Kristina Halvorson shares a slide deck on how to get the writing done.

UI is language. Interaction is conversation. Content is the fuel that powers our designs. So what happens when the writer’s not in the room, or missing from your project team altogether?

Good news: You don’t need to settle for lorem ipsum or half-baked prose. There are language principles and content design tools that anyone can put to work—yes, even the “non-writers” among us.

I spoke on this topic at the October 2018 An Event Apart in Orlando, where I shared examples from popular products and well-loved websites to uncover the secrets to stellar content that anyone can create, no matter your role or area of expertise.

Here are the slides from this talk. Enjoy!

Kristina Halvorson is widely recognized as one of the most important voices in content strategy. She is the owner of Brain Traffic, a content strategy agency; the author of Content Strategy for the Web; host of The Content Strategy Podcast, and the founder of the Confab content strategy conferences. Kristina speaks worldwide about content strategy, educating and inspiring audiences across every industry.

Writing for Designers

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