Content strategy means content that’s always purposeful and always productive—both for your customers and your business. We offer expert-led assessments, customized alignment workshops, and ongoing advisory services to put you on the road to sustainable content success.

We’ll help uncover your hidden content challenges and real-world opportunities.

Our consulting services are designed specifically to help clients untangle the complexities of their content products and processes, and gain clarity about how to move ahead.

  • Expert content reviews – Get a third-party assessment of your current-state website, app, or product content. 
  • Content ecosystem mapping – Create a clear picture and unified understanding of your organization’s complex content world.
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis – Understand how your content messaging and topics compare to what your competitors are saying.
  • Executive advisory services – Receive guidance and unbiased perspective from CEO Kristina Halvorson whenever you need it.

Your organization is one-of-a-kind … but your challenges likely are not.

We’ve spent nearly two decades helping hundreds of clients create and evolve their content strategies. While no two clients are the same, they share a surprising number of pain points and aspirations. Here are a few of our common client engagements:

  • Articulate current-state challenges with content quality, processes, and people.
  • Help build a compelling case for leadership to invest in a content team.
  • Re-envision a content marketing program to better serve business needs.
  • Provide a third-party assessment of website content quality. 
  • Create a shared understanding of the shape of a complex content ecosystem.

Our clients rely on us to tell them what’s next in content strategy.

Brain Traffic is one of the first and only content strategy consultancies in the world. This means 100% of our focus is on the principles, processes, and tools that help make content better for people everywhere.

We regularly participate in (and often lead) conversations in content strategy practitioner communities, and constantly track how industry trends are evolving. These insights help us guide you along the path to a smarter, more sustainable content strategy practice.

How can we help?

Your content is one-of-a-kind. Your challenges likely are not. Tell us about your project, pain points, or aspirations—we’re here to help.

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