Whether you’re feeling stuck or ready to get started, our one-of-a-kind, in-house custom content strategy workshops will help your teams align and get ahead.

Make a plan, pick your tools, and get going.

Our custom in-house workshop brings Brain Traffic's content strategy best practices to life. This expert-facilitated workshop is focused on your challenges, your teams, and changing the conversation around content in your organization.

Over two days, attendees will:

  • Learn to speak the same language about content and content strategy.
  • Understand the root causes of content challenges and how to identify them.
  • Build a custom roadmap to apply content strategy best practices in their area/department.
  • Be introduced to a boatload of new content strategy tools, techniques, and frameworks.

It's the right time for a content strategy workshop.

An in-house content strategy workshop is a great way to kick off a new initiative or get ready for a big change. It can also be a great way to get unstuck and inject some fresh energy into your content operations.

The workshop will help attendees create a roadmap based on where they are with content right now, and give them tools and insights they can put to work immediately. With that in mind, many organizations like to schedule a workshop alongside other trainings, all-team meetings, or other events that bring content people together from across the organization.

Create content best practices for every department.

Our content strategy workshops help your organization develop a shared toolkit and vocabulary for content planning, production, and governance across every team and department. Your dedicated writers and digital content teams are great candidates, of course, but we’ve also led sessions for folks in customer service, marketing, UX, PR, and even developers!

Get aligned and get moving.

Tell us about your organization and content world, and we can tell you more about how a custom content strategy workshop can help.

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