In-house Training: Now’s the time to build your team’s skills in content strategy and UX writing. Our group trainings bring best practices to your organization and help get everyone on the same page.

Bring us in and see big changes.

Do your writers have trouble writing for digital? Are people hungry for a more strategic approach to content? Does “content strategy” mean something different for everyone? Hire us to train your teams. Our courses teach proven best practices and feature hands-on, collaborative exercises that help build confidence. Popular courses include:

  • Intro to Content Strategy
  • How to Create User-Centered Content
  • Smarter Content Marketing
  • Writing for Better Websites

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Make content count in your organization.

When you bring us in for training, you’ll help create a common understanding of content strategy for teams across your organization. Learning content strategy together leads to:

  • More efficient project work
  • More consistent content across touchpoints
  • A better experience for your customers
  • Teams speaking the same language

We make your investment worth it.

Brain Traffic’s on-site training sessions are $12,000 per day. You can have as many attendees as you want. Most courses are full-day, but advanced half-day modules are available to build a custom training program. Rates for international training fees vary depending on location. Travel expenses are additional.

As part of the program, your team’s takeaways will include all training materials and recommended resources for continued learning. You can count on participants coming back to work with greater clarity, renewed confidence, and new ideas for your content.

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Need an energizing kickstart for a website redesign? Deep training on complex topics? Comprehensive training to establish content strategy across the enterprise? Whatever your content training needs, Brain Traffic can help.

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